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Our Services

We arrange all types of flights for both large and small groups, ranging from one person in a private jet or helicopter, to 1000´s of people with big jumbo jets. With a private jet you travel with discretion and if you want additional VIP services that can be arranged. For smaller groups we book scheduled routes, since we cooperate with all scheduled airlines. If you are several hundred people, we will find suitable aircraft capacity so that all of you arrive at the conference or event on time when it begins.

Why use us?
We are enthusiastic and enjoy our work, we put great emphasis on personal relationships with both clients and suppliers. We also have a great passion for what we do, and it should be fun working! We know the market, the travel industry and the airlines very well. Our network extends far out in the world and we have a global cooperation.

Good to know
Begin planning the conference with finding the right destination based on a good flight solution. If you involve us from the start of you travel plans there is big money to be saved. If you you also are flexible with travel dates, the savings are even greater. Turn around the planning, and let us find when and where there is a spare aircraft capacity during the expected period. The surprise can be a destination you have not thought of, and the price tag lower. Simple, smart and exciting!

Bring the extra to your travel to accomplish success - we like juggling ideas for branding your charter with us. We have the experience and tips that can brighten the trip up even more. We help you with a suitable service onboard, or in connection with the flight. Just ask us and we will let you know more!
Make use of your valuable time and decide your own schedule, when we charter your flight!
We have a wide knowledge and can help you with anything between the sky and runway, so try us!
We find you the best, efficient and fastest air solution for your travel needs, so welcome to consult us!
Takes you flying!
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